06/22/04 NOW: East Coast, Southern & Northern Plains

Larry J. Kosch

This NOW thread is being opened due to a couple of WW posted for TX, LA and the East Coast around the Washington area. The NWS is also having MSC discussions for areas in ND, SD, MN and WV for marginal severe weather. Looks like severe weather will be wide spread all over the country with marginal conditions for some places. Place your storm discussion postings here.

8) LJK.
I am closely watching a huge system develop in Alberta today. North-East British Columbia is already under a watch and capes are highest there. Widespread severe weather is forecast for pretty much the entire province of Alberta. It is clearing out in Saskatoon and we also may see part of the action here.

Right now it appears to me that a supercell is forming in SE Alberta/SW Sask. and it will head into Montana/North Dakota over the next few hours.

I may try to get someone to work for me if things cook up around here, otherwise, Wednesday will be my day I think.


The radar for "Spirit River" was down most of the day but now look at this:


The lightest shade of pink means 50 000 foot tops. Hopefully that link works. I would say there should be warnings on this sucker as it moves along tonight. It is a long way from any major city so far but into the evening we will have to watch this thing closely. I gotta get back to work now...Fort St John, BC may be in the path of this thing. Then maybe Grand Prairie, AB.