What the heck happened to Kurt? I swear, the guy just vanished into thin air, car and all. Took my freakin' Frisbee, too.

Sigh. Well, guess I'll Rain-X up my windshield and hang here in Concordia by myself, because this isn't a date I chased, and I don't recognize the setup. Seems hard to go wrong, though.
20z - 21z UPDATE



On like DonkeyKong! I'm, going to sample the cell straddling the NE/KS border, while keeping an ear to the radio concerning the one around Concordia. (I think I know the day...)
Watching supercell exploding just to my west. Plan to intercept as it gets to US 81 north of Concordia. Will then utilize nice grid of roads to keep pace with the storm as it moves north and east.
Following Patrick from Hebron down towards Belleville. The storm west of Concordia looks like the storm to go after but will stop and take a look at the storm forming at the KS/NE border.
Inching west across the Missouri River into South Dakota...heading for Yankton at the moment, but will be ready to jump on any storm around me that goes up.
I am heading south to get infront of the storm near the NE/KS border.
Yeah no kidding! Maybe I'm booking it back to Limon? Could be just like June 15th! For the sake of this case however, I like my position in Belleville...
Ah yes June 15th, gotta love the Palmer Divide on days like that. 4 tornadoes and absolutely no chaser convergence anywhere to be had. We had those tornadoes all to ourselves!