Chase Case #6 (2010 Version)

From Columbia, MO I've headed southeast and am chasing the line of supercells in southeast MO. They are more discrete to the south so I'm meso-dropping down the line to the AR border area.
Early storms are tempting but hard to sort out, or to see anything if you do. And if you get behind these fast movers you can forget it. Am setting up east of the river with good road options at La Harpe, IL for the next update.
I was also in Centerville, IA following Danny when he mysteriously disappeared into thin air shortly after scoring on the Eldon storm. All I heard over the radio was "I know what day this is..." then static and his vehicle was gone!

I had the same experience with Kurt last year on one of these chase cases back in Kansas. One second we were tossing a Frisbee while waiting for initiation; the next, he had simply vanished along with my Frisbee. Startled the wits out of me.

(And right now, elsewhere in Davis County, Kurt is rolling his eyes and thinking, Not this again! :D)
I'll recross the Mississippi and drop south to Pleasant Hill, IL to make an attempt to catch that supercell at the lead of the line.
Good day all,

Following the line / cluster eastward to near Unionville, MO with plenty of options to go north, south, or east from there.

Nothing discrete, multicell line with embedded HP storms it is!

Nailing initiation appeared to be KEYS on this day - awesome chase case to keep our skills up during the off season!
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It appears I nailed the initiation of the Eldon, IA storm. Who knows if I would have seen it considering you can't simulate an actual chase. I consider this chase case my first success of the 2010 cases.
Probably got burned on the Eldon, IA tornado. I should have stayed in Centerville, but I drifted south based on the Vis. Sat. given. Right now I am on the broken Line on N MO. getting smoked.. Thanks for putting this case together!
Heading west out of Springfield, IL as planned, what a mess of powerful storms. Hard to pick one out based off the large composite radar...either way I am going to have some fun today!

That IA tornado was probably a horse that fell down in a field and kicked up a dust plume as it landed. Not upset about not being there.
Well crap, that really went up quick. Given that I would've arrived in Macon, MO at ~1930...I'm going to try to salvage something. I like the storm firing ahead of that line in NE MO, and its going into good low level winds. Heading to Memphis, MO and following this storm firing in front of the line into IA. Should arrive at ~2030. From there I might either bail and move into IL or stick with it. Will wait and see the 21z
It would have been very easy for me to get screwed today--I don't chase with cell-phone internet and the radio in this part of MO sucks. I very well could have headed north of Macon but the fact that I had a room in STL for tonight aimed me toward Moberly then Hannibal. (I'll get me some Norfolk Southern trainchasing, in any case).

I'm going to have a decision to make when I get to Hannibal and find a Mickey D's for internet: South on MO-79, US-61 or IL-96? I love floodplain chasing...
Having been at the intersection of I-70 and hwy 54 at 20z, I'm going to try to stay out ahead of that lead cell that initiated to the SW of me down below Jefferson City... I'll cross the Mississippi on hwy 54 a little after 21z I guess. Hopefully it looks promising at some point and I can position to get a view of the base.
Going to continue east on US24 along the line and hope something goes in my neck of the woods! Chances are I won't be able to check chase case for a couple of days, so I'll stick on my cells and see if they go!
I was in position in Unionville to jump on that Davis county storm. Can't say if I would have seen the Eldon tornado, but I would have been close. Positioning for initiation was definitely key today. Great case Jesse!