07/04/04 FCST: Central Plains, Miss and Ohio Valleys

Larry J. Kosch

By request, I'm opening a FCST thread for this Fourth of July Holiday. It looks like Mother Nature is NOT :shock: taking the holiday off.

Currently there's two SWWs in AR and TN and the NWS is holding MSC discussions for areas in Miss and Ohio Valleys pertaining to severe weather. Also the SPC forecast for SLIGHT risk is spread all over the Midwest. Its centered right in the Central Plains area (KS and NE) with branches extending up to MT down to TX panhandle and a area extending over to the Mississippi Valley area.

Post your forecast discussions here. Happy Fourth! 8)
Indiana is trying to get in on this action again today, new MD out and the local hazardous mentions "AREAS SOUTH OF A FARMERSBURG TO COLUMBUS LINE HAVE THE GREATEST CHANCE OF SEEING THUNDERSTORMS AND SEVERE WEATHER AFTER 2 PM TODAY."
They are currently talking about a cold front parking in Iowa and Nebraska tonight. Should be interesting.

Hopefully I'll get some action tomorrow night.
Storms firing up in IL

NWS radar is showing storms already firing up in IL. One area is south-southeast of Springfield/Decatur. Another new group of storms is firing up south of St. Louis. I will be setting up a NOW thread pretty soon. 8)

The line of storms that are heading towards pittsburgh and are presently nearing I77 just passed overhead, athens county OH, not very impressive. SPC forecasts that the storms will strengthen as they reach the Pittsburgh area. Although the storm sounded real nice as it approached, (any audio storm chasers out there?) it was not very strong in my location. Certainly not worth jumping in the car to follow. Radar images showed that it was stronger south of here, still seemed rather weak overall. The chase terrain between here and Pittsburgh is dificult, my attention is more focused on the potential developing in Indiana. If severe weather is likely to approach near Cincinatti I may head that direction in about an hour or so. Would likely be a close call as the weather would be hitting my "chaseable zone" around sunset.