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Quiet For a While

i wasnt trying to make comparisons or predicitions of any kind, just showing a peice of data that relates the drought data to that of severe weather, more specifically tornadoes. More than anything it was just something im interested in. A comparison cannot be made because we have yet to start our severe weather season.:D
I know Matt, I wasn't talking about your post but rather the posts that actually said this reminded them of X year.

That and of course how every single severe weather set up looks like X set up from X year, or how X storm looks just like Storm Y from year X... ... you get the idea.

No harm done, just makes me wonder why nothing can just be seen as unique anymore... everything has already been seen apparently.

Ok. I think climatology is very important to remember when looking at severe weather, however we must also remember that there would be no such thing as climotology if all the set ups and systems were identical.