State of the Chase Season 2023

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Andrew, I didn't take the time to go back and refresh the methodology on this, but are the plotted values standardized anomalies or raw tornado counts?
Hey Jeff, sorry for not getting back to you. Holiday travel and family kept me busy. This was supposed to be a standardized anomaly plot for the months of March April and May. Looking back at this thread and my code, I realized I made a mistake. Not surprising given that I wrote all of this on my set of midnight shifts. Guess I didn't have enough coffee :)

Below is the correct Standardized Anomaly graphic and the raw anomaly count as well.

I'm ready for the 2024 State of the Chase room!

cause.... ( SMH ), I thought we might stay in ENSO a little longer than this but now I am like, well.. this should start off 2024 well, lol.

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