Make the world a better place...

Jan 24, 2005
Chicago, IL area
Okay..maybe not the whole world. Just my little corner of it.

Anybody with forecasting ability (eg: post regularly in the MapRoom) interested in being a mentor?

I'm looking for someone that will allow me to ask them the occasional "Why?" questions via email. And the occasional "hey I think today looks good for my chase area..where would you go and why?"


Me: Hey...looks like storm potential at location X tomorrow. Im thinking of driving up there.
You: Nah...I'd go 50 miles further north to location Y.
Me: Thanks! Why?
You: Check the .... blahblahblah

I'm learning a lot by reading the Map Room but I have specific questions that would (may?) clutter up the map room and so are probably not appropriate. Usually about best potential in my specific chase area.

I'm not looking for a nowcaster or anything. Just an opportunity to learn by example :)

I promise not to be the kid in Uncle Buck (Why? Why? Why? Why?) Probably once or twice a month at most.

If you need/want an incentive we can discuss that.
I am a budding student of meteorology and I would also be appreciative of a mentor to answer my "Why" questions.

It seems that when I ask on the forum, it gets passed over. Please contact me via e-mail at:

jetra2 @ tampabay . rr . com (remove the spaces)