Zonal pattern to overtake U.S. next week

Latest GFS shows the ridge out west breaking down late next week and the pattern shifting more zonal. Starting on the Christmas Day, expect temperatures in the midwest to creep above 40 degrees for the first time since late November. The east will then warm up a few days later. Expect this warm zonal pattern to persist for awhile, melting most of the snow that has build up over the last few weeks.

I believe we've had our winter this year... January and February will feature at or slightly above normal temperatures and below normal snowfall. On to spring!
If I recall, December was supposed to feature above normal temps and slightly below normal precip as well... I don't buy into long range forecasting at all. So much for Telekinesis...err teleconnections.

Not saying the end of December won't have a warmup, but I don't think one can make a call that both January/February/March will all be above normal.
Past couple runs of the GFS haven't been as aggressive in breaking down the western ridge. I do hope the ridge breaks down somewhat / re-situates further west... That way we can pull the baroclinic zone out of the deep south closer to the Midwest. Otherwise, it's a pattern conducive to Alberta Clipper and Nor'Easters...

Just loop the 06Z GFS over the North Pacific - http://www.nco.ncep.noaa.gov/pmb/nwprod/an...0_mu_loop.shtml

Lots of chaos... And if your interested, loop the SFC map too - there are quite a few < 950MB synoptic storms.
It looks like things are going to get very cold again across the eastern half of the US towards the end of the month. It's going to be a LONG winter the way things are looking...

Wow, take a look at that strong clipper system on this morning's GFS run at 276hrs! Obviously it's still way too far out to be taken seriously, but it looks pretty strong on this run. Followed by another 1040+ high. :shock:
It looks more like a hybrid type system, rather than a 3-4 hour clipper...

<dreaming>Look at those QPF fields! A nice large area of 0.75-1.00 inch storm totals with a 30 to 1 ratio!!! That high is VERY impressive as well - can anyone say severe blizzard?<dreaming>