How will you organize your 07 chase vacation?

How will you organize your 2007 chase vacation time?

  • Take all of my vacation at once and have an extended period out in the Plains

    Votes: 25 24.5%
  • I am splitting up my vacation time into increments of a week or two

    Votes: 15 14.7%
  • I am taking a number of long weekends throughout the peak of the season

    Votes: 7 6.9%
  • I do not have to take vacation I chase when I like

    Votes: 36 35.3%
  • I will only be chasing on weekends on regular days off work

    Votes: 13 12.7%
  • I do not intend to chase

    Votes: 6 5.9%

  • Total voters
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Mar 6, 2005
Next year, I am looking at my first year next year of actually having to take vacation from a bona-fide, full-time job to go chase. I am curious as to everyone else's strategy......although I understand that this topic has been "done to death" year in and year out. I was just curious......

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Now during March and April I will just chase when needed. In the month of May and the first half of June I will be taking vacation every Thursday and Friday so that I have a four day weekend. I am not bound to that schedule and can take off as needed (most of the time) but it is a real pain the butt to do so. So I figured this will give me a four day, per week, of chasecation time. Maybe it will work out but than again maybe it won't.

Tis one was kind of tough. I pretty much stay within about 75 miles of home since I report to a local radio station. Unfortunately, this means I usually miss out on some of the "Big" events, but since it's not just tornadoes I report on, but other severe weather, all is not lost. I don't plan to take a big "chasecations' but may actually try one if things come together on a weekend.
My wife, Katie, and I will be out for around two weeks at the end of May and the beginning of June. She has to take vacation time and I just go to school so I don't have to take any time off.
im moving down to central IL from chicago next spring so anytime a severe weather event comes around i will be going out, i dont have a job so i can pretty much do what i like and not have to worry about anything, i dont know if ill make it into the plains at all, i want to, but im not sure if i will have the $$ by then, but for sure i will be chasing in central illinois any time of the day or night, i know that area like the back of my hand ;)
I'll be taking a dedicated 3 weeks from mid-May to early June. Before and after that I have another 3 weeks of float to hit big setup days. As we saw this year you need to leave some vacation for the fall season!
Since I've never chased before and my met knowledge is still basic I'm hoping to hitch a ride with one of the Metro-Detroiters if they decide to head out for a weekend event. I doubt I could easily pull of a "sick-day" since I'm still working contract until the end of January. I'd like to save up some money and drive/fly out to the plains for a long weekend but that depends on money/wedding planning.
I'm honestly not sure of what I'll do this [2007] year for chasing. For the past couple of years I've taken mini-vacations, often two or three inside of several months. I stayed out for a grand total of three weeks on my first vacation in 2005, and then a bit over two weeks on my second ("half of") vacation. I took three seperate vacations to the plains in 2006, one of them was a week-long one in late March / early April, the second one was for the first ten days of May and the last one was the last ten days of May.

I was very low on cash in 2006 which helped incite my crappy year. Despite getting tired of the raging speeds of convection in the early spring, I probably would have chased more March and April days if I had an extra grand to spend.

I'll probably end up getting sucked into doing a simuler thing in 2007 -- i.e. taking multiple vacations to the plains for chasing; but I don't plan on making a giant effort to go back and forth again. It's a pain in the royal ass having to chase a classic dryline setup -- when you're living in Detroit. I've spent well over $3,000 in the past two seasons chasing -- it's getting to be a pain in the neck, especially after such a POS year like 2006.
I normally take my "vacation" during the break between semesters since I work full-time on campus. I then get scheduled where there are tons of overlaps for the first two weeks of summer and am technically off during that time as well, however, if nothing is going on chase-wise, I am free to go into work. All total, I get 4 total weeks off for chasing, plus the flexibility over the summer to chase as the opportunities come along.
I will chase on any day that I can that is within reach and has a good probability for tornadoes. I build up "approved time" at work which is what you get when you aren't eligible for overtime pay. Weekends are generally available as well. Thanks for posting the poll.
I'm scheduled to take my chase vacation in the last 2 weeks of May, into the first few days of June. I want to extend it, if possible.
Seeing as everybody has posted their intentions here - I thought I may as well pipe up too, being the poll poster......

Amazingly, my choice is the least favoured here. I intend to head-out with Jason on long weekends during the whole month of May (or perhaps the latter half of May and first half of June). I was thinking of a Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon combination - two of those days being regular weekend days and two (the Fri and the Mon) being taken vacation days. Seeing as I haven't even been working where I'm at now for a year - my vacation time is very, very limited - and I value my job far greater than I value chasing - so the chasing has to lose out, I'm afraid.

Still - we are hoping that with the whole of May covered in long weekend that we may be able to squeak one or two good events out of 2007.

I'll also probably just chase when available during March and April, taking days off for individual big events, and then once the pattern looks interesting I'll arrange for a few weeks off in May and June. I'll likely be meeting up with some folks out there so part of it may depend on when they are and are not available.
If all goes right, I will be able to blend a few long weekends in before the main chase vacation planned at/after Memorial Day into early June. I'm hoping for the best and figuring out my best options right now. Have to mull things over this winter. Fortunately I've got a ton more flexibility these days for those weekday outbreak chase ops.
As always, I will be taking all of May off to storm chase. I work 4 on 4 off so I will also be chasing on my days off. If it's a big event and I have to work, I will cough.. cough... sniff... sniff....
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Get out for outbreaks in March, April, take off May, lightning part time during monsoon of July, August, part of work in somewhere.
How will I organize mine? I already planned the dates that I am going... a bunch of us are going in a couple vehicles for 2 full weeks. Now just need to see if I can get a cheap decent laptop......
I guess I wasn't completely clear about how we organize our chases, earlier I said we take our vacation from late May to early June period. But we actually chase pretty much anything within a one state radius of Nebraska throughout the whole year and if its a weekend chase we can usually make it as far as the Texas panhandle or to the Canadian border if need be.
I've arranged my school schedule so that I'm off on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, so barring any major tests, those days are fair game. Once school is out, I'm taking a couple weeks off from work the last of May. If anything good looks to happen on days that I'm supposed to work...oh, great, it must be something I ate;) .
I have three weeks of vacation in 2007. I am planning to chase for a full week either the last week of May or the first week of June and then I will take 5-7 days as needed.

As always, I will be available to chase on the weekends.
Thankfully I'm blessed with an awesome day job that pays the bills and has unlimited flexibility on both how many days I take off and when I take off. So, my chase season is always determined by 1.) the quality of the season and 2.) available funds. With the car problem and distance covered in 2006, I'm still paying off this season. How much I progress on that and am able to save for 2007 will play a big role on how much I do next spring.

Lord willing and finances allowing, another 2003/2004-type season will get me out for a month or more solid, or as long as the active days continue. A 2001/2005-like year I'll just do several marathon trips on the bigger setups, then go home between them. Another 2002/2006-like year will keep me on day trips to Midwest targets (IL/IN) only.

I plan to pay setups in the closer-to-home Midwest much more attention in 2007.
I was lucky enough to take chasecations for 2005 and 2006, but in 2007 I think I will be chasing on the days I am not working. I would like to keep the miles down due to the ever-increasing cost of this will work well.
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