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Chase Case #9

After watching the surface low progress much faster than I expected, I blasted north on 35, then east on 70 all the way up to Leavenworth KS, right up against the WF/triple point.
I haven't read any further posts after the 18Z data......I will read up after I've posted my own meager attempt.....

From just a quick cursory glance at the noontime surface data, it's I guess fairly obvious that I need to stay in the moist/warm sector ahead of the ever-advancing dryline/cold front. Anafront convection doesn't sound too palatable to me right now......

I sure want to stay ahead of all those extensively veering surface winds which are destroying our shear profiles. The deeper moisture has been shunted to the east, with a concerningly high Td at Joplin of 70oF. I need that high-CAPE air today, I'm afraid.

In view of all this I have saddled up Econochase, checked my cellphone is charged and left my breakfast spot around lunch time......I will begin by driving east on I-40 following the warm and moist air and avoiding the veering wind profiles like the plague......

Eventually I make my mind up and reach the Muskogee Turnpike.....and head north with my sights set on something firing hopefully in the great road network area of SE KS or SW MO.

I am targeting Joplin....

Hope I didn't blow it....

At 4pm the cap begins giving way in NW Missouri.
Some severe storms with dime size hail begin forming just to the north and northeast of Kansas City, MO:

<a href=\'http://imageshack.us\' target=\'_blank\'>

Michael P. Morris is the first on the cell, quickly crossing the river. Next, Jeff Snyder quickly traverses I-35 arriving just minutes after Michael.
Kurt Hulst takes highway 13 and arrives ten minutes after Jeff. Dick McGowan arrives right behind Kurt. Jason Mckittrick arrives thrity minutes later having sat in Kansas City traffic for a while.


About 30 minutes after the chaser convergence in NW MO. Some new cells form south west of St. Louis, Missouri. The cells which intially appear weak begin interacting with a boundary.
<a href=\'http://imageshack.us\' target=\'_blank\'>

As the complex approaches St. Louis a storm near Harvester, MO begins to intensify and a wall cloud develops. Nearby Rob Dewey races towards an open field and sets up his tripod. Just as he finishes an F1 tornado descends to the ground.
<a href=\'http://imageshack.us\' target=\'_blank\'>


As the sun starts to set, massive Cu development can be seen near Dodge City. A storm quickly fires and is SVR warned.

<a href=\'http://imageshack.us\' target=\'_blank\'>

The storm goes through Dodge City destroying windows and windshields and damaging roofs across the city. Six million dollars in damage is reported from the 2.50" inch hail. As the storm moves on. it drops 3.00" hail to the SE. David Wolfson in Seymour, TX leaves as soon as he see\'s the development but the sun has already set by the time he reaches the cell so he settles for some lightning pictures of an elevated supercell.


Chasers Glen Romine, Mike Hollingshead and Joe Taylor save their money for the next day where many tornadoes occur.

The cap holds in OK/TX.

The date of this chase is 5-23-98

-Scott Olson.
lol - I was in the middle of typing my response when I happened to look at the latest data and see that this one is now in the history books ... sorry I didn't get back in time for the last update ... my target was KC to Lawrence, so it didn't matter much I see - ha. Good case choice!
Ha Scott i like how you posted the results. Good jorb RDEWY. Hey Dick that would of been the first time i had met ya probably.
LOL, I ended up in SE Kansas that day in reality. I guess this means I really haven't learned much in the past seven years.
Thanks for the chase case Scott - seemed to have a cluster of chasers set on TX/OK, and the other set on KS/MO; interesting case.

Always hard to tell exactly how well I did since I have no reference (having no prior chase experience) of how long it takes to traverse the interstates/roads in the Plains/Midwest compared to storm longevity/direction. My next move would have been to continue punching northeast out of Springfield, MO up I-44 to St.Loius, MO - how long it would have taken me to do that at 18Z compared to when the storms started firing at 4-4:30 I do not know =p.

EDIT - I also liked how you posted the results; singling out those chasers who had success and telling it in a story-like manner.
BTW both Nick & Gabe witnessed Mariginally severe storms with penny size hail as ascent became stronger across MO around 21z
Michael P. Morris is the first on the cell, quickly crossing the river. Next, Jeff Snyder quickly traverses I-35 arriving just minutes after Michael.
Kurt Hulst takes highway 13 and arrives ten minutes after Jeff.

That's incorrect... In a rabid attempt at being the first on the scene, Michael put Maalox in my drink as we sat and waited for initiation. In revenge, I performed the PIT maneuver to gain the lead and beat Michael to the storm by 3 seconds. Wahoo! :lol: