8/4 NOW: Ohio Valley/Canada

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Lots of storms are ongoing across OH, KY, PA and WV at the moment.


Some ongoing thunderstorms across the Indiana into Appalachians along a cold front... Relatively decent CAPE (>1000j/kg) combined with decent 0-6km deep shear will make for a pretty good chance for severe thunderstorms this afternoon. Althought very weak helicities (<100m2/s2 across the sector) will limit the tornado threat, however....
At exit 123 on rt 70 in Indiana. Clearing to our south somewhat. Most forecasts seem to move things a bit south compared to last night and early this AM. Will head to Bloomington IN and see if the sunshine is stirring up any new storms. Radar showed some tail end action cooking up there rather fast. Perhaps new cells will continue to come from that region. Anyhow I can chase them home to OH.

I have some hope for a Tornado but given the broad region I hope I am in the right place at the right time.

The clearing sky is good news. Most of the drive on rt 70 from ohio was overcast or raining.
At the Flying J on I-64 in Cannonsburg, KY on I-64. Been watching shelf clouds and whale's mouths pass over me all day from dying thunderstorms, from Chillicothe and Portsmouth, Ohio into Kentucky.

Finally a nice cell coming at me now, so there might be at least some lightning and small hail in the cards today.