Stormy Germany

That's quite cool! However -- Germany must have like a hundred castles dotted all over the country. If I lived in Germany and I knew a shelf cloud was coming, I'd run, not walk, to the nearest castle. :) Imagine a shelf cloud rolling in with a castle as the foreground!

Germany can get some awesome storms. Munich was struck by a hail storm in the mid 80's that was almost as damaging as the Dallas hail storm from 1995?
Germany is where my interest in meteorology/storms began, with a squall line that truly appeared "out of the blue" back in 1976 . The anvil was being carried perfectly parallel with the line, perhaps even behind it, which is something I've rarely seen here in the U.S. The first thing I saw that punctuated the blue sky was an arcus cloud and a white wall of Cb. Twenty minutes later hail covered everything.

They do get some good ones in Germany.


Those are some amazingly beautiful shots - The color in them is gorgeous!
Ohoh ... look this Meso that was on Berlin an half hour ago ! nice funnel without contact with the soil, but heavy rotation
More tornadoes in western Germany last Sunday:
[Broken External Image]:,1020,372619,00.jpg
[Broken External Image]:
More pictures/movies of this storm and it's aftermath:

The shelf cloud mentioned in the original post, formed over The Netherlands. The squall line had a length of about 750 km. Some pictures:

The day before yesterday, multiple water- and landspouts formed over The Netherlands: [Broken External Image]:

On July 8, I encountered a rotating wall cloud during a chase in The Netherlands:
[Broken External Image]:

Yes, Europe does get it's share of severe weather :D
Estofex ( recently started collecting European severe weather reports. They only just started, so not many reports so far, but keep an eye on it!