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PM Box

Mike Hollingshead

Evidently delete doesn't really mean delete? I'm wondering why exactly it is I have 313 pm's filling my inbox, dating back to 2003 :eek:. I've deleted it SEVERAL times in the past. Is there any reason our old PM's are saved? I guess I'm a bit shocked to see those in there after all this time, lol.
Yeah, I had to delete all of mine before I could send new ones today. I was way over my quota with 212 saved messages.
Holy camole... well, we DO try to recover everything. :D The board stays pretty much intact between export and import, including all the posts and PMs.

There's probably a PM recycle bin of some sort in the old boards. The importing modules tend to use a big hammer approach to bring stuff in.

Its funny too, that of the messages in my "Inbox", all of them are messages that I personally sent to someone else. I can't seem to locate my recieved messages..
Also, everyone needs to take note that the default notification settings for PMs are currently turned off. This means you won't get an email or popup telling you that you have a new message unless you go into your profile and turn those options on.

The little indicator box at the top right of the pages still shows the presence of new PMs, but it normally doesn't catch your attention as well as the notifications do.
I have noticed that after the move was made my inbox has been acting funny and has all the PM's I sent in the inbox, and a few, but not all of the PM's I have received from other people in my out box and was wandering if anyone else has had this same problem.