Good wiper blades

Jun 15, 2004
Champaign, IL
I was just wondering what wiper blades everyone uses for chasing? I've always been the 'buy the cheap Anco' ones in the yellow box. I saw a show on DIY or something similar the other day where they were advertising triple blade wipers made from silicone. Are these any better than the normal one blade wipers? What brand is good to get? Thanks!

I used those "cheap" ones last year. I went through 6 sets of them before switching over to Michelin blades. They are not that much more, but the blades are metal and hold up much better to hail. The Anco ones I had were plastic and the smallest hail would break them. I would think that silicone blades would be better than rubber, but I replace the refills before any real wear on them anyway. Use of Rain-X is a must, but it will decrease the life of the rubber blades.
I've been using those triple edge blades they sell at Walmart (the brand escapes me right now) for years. Not very expensive and they last a good year. Always replace all blades around the end of Feb.
I tend to agree that the michelin blades are pretty good. They are not triple bladed, but they are much better than the Anco blades, and just a quarter or two higher than the Anco's.
I too bought a set of Michelin blades and they are pretty good. I will probably go ahead and try out a set of the triple blade wipers and see how they perform.
I've used the triple blade wipers before as well. They performed quite well and I did use rain-x and rain-x (the anti-bug formula-can't remember what it's called) wiper fluid in tandem. I believe they were TripleEdge. Like other blades, they had to be replaced within about a year, and over time on occasion, I had to wipe the blades clean, as material was more prone to collect between the blade edges. Still, they weren't very expensive, and when it comes to visibility and safety, worthwhile. I also carry a collapsible window squeegee and cleaning solution for cleaning off bugs & debris (a constant problem) at pit stops. Sometimes, gas stations don't have them.
Thanks for the info on the wiper blades! I will either try the Michelin brand or the triple blade wipers as both sound better than my cheapy anco ones.

I still use the basic ANCO blades because I replace them every 4 months anyway so they never wear out. Plus I use Rain-X on every chase so I rarely if ever use the wipers. the heavier the rain the less I need the wipers.
I've always used the cheapos and haven't had to replace them very often at all. The only thing that ever causes me to replace them is the ice here and trying to clean the window off with the blade stuck to it. I had one tear about a year ago. It was the ice thing and the rubber blade stripped off. Well I left it on there and bought a new one and have yet to replace it. It is actually still working well enough with the rubber blade torn off, lol. But anyway I've had that car since 2001 and I really don't think I've replaced the cheapo blades even 4 times(one at a time if it tears, never both for no reason). I've broke two windsheilds in hail and am using the same blades.
Trick of the trade
Get a can of silicone spray and spray on a rag and wipe the blades once a week or so. Will keep the rubber soft .
Also I'll take a whole bottle of rain-x and mix it with my washer fluid in the tank.Beats applying by hand and works the same.been doing this for years.... :D
I've been running single edge Anco blades, however I make sure to get the metal frame blades...most places up here only carry metal frame packs, but I have seen plastic frames in a few places. I've never had a problem with single edge, so I'll keep using them till I do.

Never tried the Rain-X cocktail in the washer fluid. I'll give it a whirl.
I also mix RainX with the washer fluid.

I still always treat the windshield and side windows before going out though. I love the fact that I can cruise down the road in a driving rain and NOT have to use the wipers at all. The faster you go, the clearer the windshield stays. B)