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Average tornadoes per year

That seems right. I'm sure you could Google to find the official stats... Remember, Texas is a HUGE state, so you'd expect it to have many more tornadoes than smaller states (given that Texas is still in a climatologically-favored region of the US). I do appreciate that they included a "hiding in an underpass" picture, though... :roll:
Originally posted by Chris Lott
Hey, that picture under the overpass was from Moore, Oklahoma right? Not a good picture to show. :shock:

Nope, particularly since what, 3 people died that day doing the exact same thing as that lady is doing -- hiding in an underpass. We certainly can't expect the general population to know the difference between a "safe" underpass (one which recedes into the ground and gives you a place to hold on to) from a really, really bad idea (an under/overpass that is just a wedge and/or provides nothing to hold on to), so a "do not seek shelter from an underpass" message is much better than showing a picture such as the one on that site without any sort of "this is not safe" message.