965mb Bomb

The forecast is looking good for some amazing winds on the summit of Mount Washington tonight. ETA is predicting a 965mb low off the coast of Maine late tonight. I'm at the Observatory right now and I'll let you know how it plays out.

PS...winds are only 10mph on the summit right now (13:00 EST).
We just had to recalibrate our barographs as they just went off the chart. Winds around 100mph now...peak winds not exptected until 4am.

When the upper level front came through this evening temps plummeted. We watched it go from +3 to -6 in about 5 minutes.
I just recorded a gust of 106mph, still several hours out from peak winds.

Our sea level pressure just bottomed at 955mb.
I just failed miserably on the 6am trip to the precipitation can. I made it about halfway before sustained winds of 105mph took control. I spent a few minutes lying down before I could pull it together and get back inside. We'll get it next time.
There was one storm, which occured on January 28 (or around there), that dropped to an impressive 955mb near Cleveland... It went from around 1003mb to 955mb in 24 hours - CLEARLY a bomb. You hardly ever see pressure that low, that far inland.