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4/19/09 NOW: TN/MS/AL

John Wetter

SN President
Staff member
A very nice storm Southwest of Birmingham, AL right now in Bibb county. Has had a consistent meso with a good overhang as it approaching BMX. All inside a TOR watch. Some hailers in Northeast MS as well. I see a few chasers on them and a streaming video chaser on the Brimingham storm, could be interesting yet! It's heading into slightly higher LCL air, but still some nice shear and a decent thermodynamic profile. Looks like a little bit of clearing has developed there in front of it, otherwise the main area still looks SW of there.

Radar still shows a nice convergent signal there...
Crazy couplet South of Birmingham, AL, just north of the radar site. Brett Adair is streaming now and if it isn't a big, low wall cloud, it might be a tornado in progress.
The storm going into chilton county is starting to get its act together. Looks to go right over Maplesville and Clanton.

EDIT: local law enforcement reported a tornado with this storm
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