07/11/04 NOW: Northern Plains, Canada

Larry J. Kosch

Normally, a FCST thread would have been opened first before a NOW thread is started. But I got a P.M. from our friendly storm chaser in Canada that storm action is already underway up there. So I'm starting a NOW thread for Northern Plains and Canada. SPC has placed a SLIGHT risk for the Northern Plains with most of the severe weather chances placed in ND and extending into Canada. Put your storm discussions here.

Thundershowers in Lincoln, NE

We are getting a nice rain from a band of thundershowers moving thru Lincoln NE right now. My wife and I went to 9:30 church this morning and I saw a bunch of small clouds firing up to the SW of Lincoln NE.

When we came out of our church at 11:00, a band of thunderstorms were just to the west of us. We hurried home, I got the camera out and set up in my neighborhood for photos. No dice. :(

I was set up for a possible lightning shot. Just then a gust of wind came up, turned my umbrella inside out. And while I was trying to turn the umbrella back in, I saw a flash of light out the corner of my eye. Five seconds later, the loud thunder told me how close it was. :shock:

I had to beat a hasty retreat home and five mins later a heavy shower moved thru my neighborhood. Will have to come out after the rain and see if I can get any post-storm pics.

I'm watching those storms roll on by right now, Larry.

Nothing I love more than waking up and seeing a wall of thunderstorms roll by.
Have a hard time believing a tornado is on the ground with those showers... I'd like to see someone other than law enforcement reporting that one!
Numerous funnel clouds a few reports of tornadoes in northern Wisconsin today, at least 4 tornado warnings today. Looking at the LSR's, 1 tornado report in Oneida County and 2 tornadoes in Lincoln County.

Severe Weather Statements:

Special Weather Statement:

Heres a loop of the radar for the area:

Tornado Warning issued just south of St Joseph Missouri.... Making a run... Wish me luck...!

Looks to be located right at I-29 just south of St Joe...

I Believe it would be Buchanon Cty, moving into possibly Platte cty or Clinton cty... I will make a trek and plot its exact location on the way up...
There was a report of a tornado on the ground in the County of Lamont
south of the town of Andrew.At this point no reports of damage.Andrew is
NE of Edmonton.Another reported tornado NW of Edmonton near the town
of Morinville.This was the storm that also had severe thunderstorm
warnings in Edmonton City.I Shot vidio and still photos of this storm.Alot
of swirlling cloud and scud movment obsurved in this storm that
developed rapidly.Dew points at 16c
I was out chasing an outflow boundary that fired a few cells this evening in WV. After my storms died, I took a look at the rest of the USA on WxWorx, and grabbed this image of a nicely wrapped up supercell near Larslan, Montana at about 9:30PM EDT:

[Broken External Image]:http://wvlightning.com/temp/june11rad.jpg

Shear SCITs showed values of 115MPH, and the cell was tornado warned at the time. The tracker showed an estimated hail size of 3". Although the trackers can't be trusted for accurate hail size estimation, this is the largest hail estimate I have seen on WxWorx.

Here in WV, saw some decent lightning but didn't get much on camera.
Well, that was definately wierd... All radar indications and plots showed a "radar" indicated tornado, just sw of St Joe, Mo, then as fast as it showed, it completely went away on the radar... The only other storm even close was just s of Hiawatha, Ks... Bust for the day here....