Thunderstorms forecast as far north as Des Moines Thursday!


Hi everyone,

I just noticed my local NWS (Des Moines) has added "scattered thunderstorms" to the Thursday night and Friday forecast.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this next strong early spring system? I have heard wind profiles are looking good for some decent shear in the midwest, but also that there is little chance that enough moisture will be present for storms, or warm enough temps for that matter...what do you think? Also, will there be better severe wx chances farther south?
Way too early to get too excited, but definitely the first interesting ripple in the 2004 season. I like the warming trend that's progged for TX/OK. This time of year it'll be a question of upper dynamics, plus the constant "will the gulf be open for business" worry.

Definitely something to keep an eye on as the next week progresses.
Ok, not cool to mess with National Weather Service were getting my hopes up!! :D :D :D
Ok, well back to business... (yes I think everyone is very excited for the upcoming chase season) BUT if you have some serious views on this weeks storm system, and the dynamics of it, please feel free to share them. Thanks!
Thunderstorms, Iowa, Thursday/Friday???

I myself am from Waterloo Iowa and I've heard talk about thunder but nothing about anything severe/strong; I'm more concerned about the freezing rain threat that could accompany this system