Rotate 2006 Likely a Go

Jan 11, 2006
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Don't know if anyone else has seen the CSWR website of late, but there's an announcement there that Rotate 2006 will very likely take place between May 1 and June 25 this year.

Looks like someone out there still values worthwhile research.
Good news for the research side of things, now hopefully that can continue and we can see VORTEX II get the approval later on as well.
Thanks for the update. I am also glad that there are at least some who value research. Politicians complain that "there wasn't enough warning" as they tour damage zones for photos ops and then cut funds to research programs.

Bill Hark
Josh just updated his a go now. It's a shame that it is a documentary company has to fund ROTATE 2006 and not NSF. Of course i'm sure Josh appreciates any funding of any kind. ;) The DOW's do not get very good gas mileage and the project costs very much. A big thank you goes out to the funders.
Actually, I think part of the issue was they were getting private funding (at least what I heard).... Combine that with a research project that has been ongoing since 1999 and a lackluster NSF budget, and it isn't too much of a surprise NSF felt the money would be better spent elsewhere.