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Number of twisters in Missouri reaches record high

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Alexandre Aguiar

This is an interesting article I was reading in the internet from KTVO-TV. Interesting to see the forecast of an "average" season. I still believe it will more than "average", but this is the discussion for the other thread. Here is the news piece:

(KIRKSVILLE) The National Weather Service is reporting that the number of tornadoes in Missouri in 2006 cracked the century mark for the first time in history.

There were 102 documented tornadoes throughout the state. That shatters the previous record of 84 that was set in 2003. The state average of tornadoes is between 20 and 28.

Here's an explanation: the unusual tornado activity resulted from an unusual set of circumstances where the traditional "Tornado Alley" saw drier weather. The contrast between dry and wet weather, which are the optimal conditions for tornadoes, was farther east in Missouri and Illinois. On the Fujita Scale, Missouri mostly saw tornadoes ranked f0 or f1. F5 on the Fujita scale is the most deadly and destructive. The Show-Me State should expect the tally of tornadoes this year to be about average.

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--Teresa Carter, Reporting


Finally, I would like to thank Jeff Snyder for his tips on the posting.

Unfortunately people in this country are horrible with math and statistics. There may have been a record number of tornados in Missouri or there could have been a record number of people spotting them.

This is a big problem with weather statistics. It's called a population bias and it has nothing to do with tornadoes, but the amount of people reporting them.
Yes this is very true...the more eyes on the tornadoes that happen and voila...record number of tornadoes. There were several strong to violent tornadoes in Missouri this year, but quite distant from some of the totals of the crazier strrong/violent tornado years in the late 1960's for the state of Missouri.