March is Spring Training

I look at March like I look at spring training for baseball:

If something good happens, that's good.

If nothing happens or if something bad happens like no storms at all, hey, it's just spring training.

I don't start to worry about a slow storm season until tax day. Just my personal rule.

If anyone cares, I have written an essay about the parallels between forecasting the weather and forecasting baseball prospects at my website It's called "spaghetti baseball."
Judging by the way the roads out here in OK are during chase season, it would be nice if we had a few storms to make sure that people were being responsible while chasing. I remember hearing stories (many on this board) about how bad it was on the first good day last year, March 27. It may be good to get everyone a little extra practice before the real mayhem (no pun intended) gets underway in April.