forecast needed for Ohio Valley Tuesday

Any of you budding storm forecastors...

I'm looking for some advice for Tuesday on where to be for an Ohio Valley chase. Im pulling my own ideas but can't hurt to have a second opinion.

Here's my chase region. It's basically the south west portion of the 25% probable SPC day two forecast.

I'm sure you can already get all the data and model information you wish, but being born and raised in Paducah, and knowing the terrain of that area, I would strongly encourage eastern Indiana on into western Ohio.

The terrain, #1, is much flatter up there, fewer trees, and no major rivers to concern yourself with.

Also, major metro areas should obviously be avoided, such as Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort, Cinnci, etc. - I'd opt for the more "rural" areas of eastern Indiana. Nice winds coming in to that area.

Historically, southeastern IN and southwestern OH are notirious for some of those classic supercells.

Just my .02 worth.

Growing up on the Indiana side of the river near SDF, I'll second Billy's comments. I'd stay east of a Hanover-North Vernon-Greensburg line. Based on a very quick look at the 0Z NAM, though, that won't be a problem. Looks like the action in Indiana will be late morning/early afternoon, with everything east of I-75 by evening. Not a very good chase day, IMO.