ECMWF Resolution Upgrade

According to ,ECMWF will upgrade both the horizontal and vertical resolution of its deterministic, Ensemble Prediction (EPS) and monthly forecasting systems. There will be no change to the forecast ranges with this implementation; however these upgrades do not apply to the ECMWF seasonal forecasting system.

I have found more information on another local news forum here in Houston where another meteorologist has stated “There's no guarantee that the Europeans will even share the model data. They sell the model output for a pretty high premium, like $10,000 or so per month for just some of the data, not necessarily for the full output. We can't justify the expense at our company. I don't know how some colleges are allowed to share the data with the general public. It may be that they are NOT allowed to share the higher-resolution data, though.â€￾

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"There's no guarantee that the Europeans will even share the model data."

They have been for years, and no reason to believe that they will cut it off after the upgrade! I think there might be a misunderstanding somewhere, the data that is shared by universities is basic model output that international regulations require the EC to offer. The current model will not be used anymore, so there's no way they would "not" offer the new output.

You can even get it from their homepage.