Drought, snow, El Nino and 2007

I was looking at the drought monitor on the Climate Prediction Center's website today and noticed that the severe drought that the Plains and SW has been experiencing lately isn't what it was with the exception of NC Oklahoma, and Central Texas. CPC is also predicting improvements in the drought situation. So I was wondering what effect, if any, the lessening of the drought, el Nino, and if it continues through winter/early spring, the heavy snows will have on the 2007 chase season. I would think that if more areas get out of drought, cloud bases wont be as high as they've been in the past couple years due to higher LCLs. The effect of heavy snow capped mountains, and el Nino I'm not too sure about. Either way, we're planning on chasing the last 2 weeks of May, at least. :)