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Why moderator intervention?

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Regardless of your personal opinions towards other members, personal attacks will not be tolerated. I can't see this thread going any further, since everything that can be said probably has already been said.

Please let this down. Any and all legal matters are to remove off the Stormtrack board.[/quote]
I've been off the board, and seeing 11 pages here looks like we have a real hot potato. I haven't read any of this yet but a lot of it has been paraphrased in our admin forum.

HOWEVER -- Billy Griffin requested that his account be de-activated, which I've done. He will not be available to defend himself.

Jeff has made it quite clear -- any legal discussion must be taken to E-mail or to another venue. The catch-22 is we hate censoring messages, but in any legal dispute (or flame war) myself and the moderators are invariably pressured to censor and thus legally become a party to the dispute. This is where the buck stops.

This thread is now locked unless the moderators recommend re-opening it. Feel free to continue this in E-mail or via our PM facilities.

Not open for further replies.