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Want to see something unusual?




I saved those around 5:30 AM CST. Wow, OK and TX are actually getting rain, albeit not a great deal. Still, as dry as it has been out there, I am thankful to see this area get any rain, even if it is only .10" to .25". You have to start somewhere when trying to snap a drought. Hopefully this will be the start of a more wet pattern in coming weeks and months.

Go Oklahoma! Go Texas! And I don't mean Big 12 football either. Rain baby, rain! :D
It was truly a sight and sound to behold listening to the rain start coming down late last night. Wasn't heavy at all, and there were even a couple flashes of lightning. I've never been so excited to see a dull gray sky outside!

It's raining!!!
Notice what's smack dab in the middle of both those OK precip areas and getting nothing? :roll:
That OUN radar is a classic example of the Norman Bubble. It's an amazing thing to watch...storms (or any kind of weather it seems) will get to the Cleveland county line and poof....gone!
Maybe something can sneak through...I hope.... :roll:
Well the OUN deflectors have increased in size to protect the OKC-OUN-Chickasha area in general. Even the once-rain-prosperous Yukon area is now under our spell.

Anyway - the rain only got THIS close to OUN because I am intending on washing my car today. So - those folks in N. TX and SE OK have a lot to thank me for......and this means that I can still go and scrub the drought-bakes-on salt, silt, film and dust from my ageing Protege......


EDIT here's a good display of the deflector shields power from OUN:

The Deflectors are powered and working as designed (which is bad). I've added Norman's location for those who are unfamiliar with OK...
Glad to see you guys finally getting rain in Texas and Oklahoma... On a semi related note. It looks like my area will see winter return, starting tomorrow night.

I wonder if that means I\'ll be able to rebuild my igloo?
George...I did when I shaved before church this morning :)

Let's hope things pick up a bit more precip wise!

I can only think of one sentence as a reply....

"Take up dry wheat farming..."

Neal Rasmussen