The 2004 Season/A Highlights Video

Gene Rhoden

The 2004 chase season was, by anybody's standards, a bumper year in terms of tornadoes. After a sputtering start in April - May exploded onto the Plains with at least one multiple-tornado day per week. Lasting into early June, the year of 2004 will be known for it's photogenic tornadoes that didn't, thankfully, effect many populated areas.

Now resting on our laurels after many months of intense chasing in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, we found ourselves with a slew of tornado video sitting in our laps. Tripoded (or otherwise) video of photogenic tornadoes lasting for literally hours.

In view of this, we decided to make our first Highlights Video since 2002. Christened "Violent Prairies" (because that's just what they've been for the past couple of years), this video will document the tornadoes of 2003 and 2004 in one compilation. Main points of note will be tantalizing shots from June 24th 2003 (only tantalizing because we were constantly forced to stop videoing and move because of the tornadoes), and some of our most spectacular multiple-vortex tornado footage to date (an angry deep blue wall cloud/tornado roils over the Prairies with orange dusk backlighting) from May 29th 2004, near Conway Springs Kansas.

To view information regarding our new Highlights Video - check out this link:-

What a season it has been....

Gene (& Karen) Rhoden