Storm Chase get together at Rocky's!

The Official dates for our chaser barbecue has been set. The first possible date is Saturday May 13th 1pm ontil late evening. Last year, we never officially got one going as their were svr risks every Sat. that the party was planned, so hopefully this year it will happen... and with the pattern that I think we're coming into, its likely that this year, one of these dates should be a go.

I am encouraging all to attend if possible, even tour groups are more than welcome. Over the next couple of weeks, I need to know who for sure will be able to show for one of the dates that we have the picnic.

I will supply all the food and drink, I'll have everything from burgers, chicken and fish, and a variety of snacks. Bring an edited video. I have both a DVD player and VHS. The pool should be open so feel free to bring swimwear.

Donations are welcome of whatever you feel its worth. I also will take chase video's as I'm trying to build my library further. Kids are welcome of all ages so no alcohol please.

The first target date is Sat. May 13 with alternative dates on the following Saturday's of May 20,27 or June 3.
The prerequisites for the picnic to occur is no slight risk OR no 2% greater of tor's within a 300mi. radius of Piedmont within the alley (NE/KS/TX/NM/CO/OK.)

I'm looking forward in seeing everyone. More details to follow as the date closes in.
Of course I'll be there, unless the very unlikely scenario of all four set dates being chase days happens. I'd encourage all to attend who are close and not chasing. Between the pool, the food, the view, the hospitality, and the great conversations between the awesome chasers who show up, there's a lot more to these gatherings than just sitting and watching chase video, so all you folks who hate "video torture" still have plenty of incentive to go.
I'll definitely be there, whatever date it happens to fall on. I went to Rocky's last party (first time at the Rascovich home), and I had an absolutely fantastic time! Rocky and Dee were great hosts, and the company was outstanding!

Hopefully I'll be able to make it this year. Somehow, something else has always come up for the past 4 or 5 years so I couldn't make it. This year, May 13th would be a no go.... that's graduation day for OU and the parents will be in town.

I actually arrive in OKC on the Friday, with Saturday being a free day for myself so I plan to attend. The only fly in the ointment is that I don’t have any transport until Sunday!!!

If the chase picnic goes ahead on the 13th I will need to grab a lift off some one?? – I will of course cover the fuel costs etc. I will be located just North of Will Rogers airport, OKC. I will appeal for a lift closer to the time.
Postponing the picnic from May 13 to May 20 to avoid OU graduation will then conflict with the Wakita Twister Museum celebration, which I know at least a few chasers (who plan to attend Rocky's) are also planning to attend. Additionally, the problem with postponing it from May 13 and May 20 to accomodate these two events (non-chase days) would be getting burned on the next two dates (May 27 & June 3) by chase days.

There's simply too many people and too many events this time of year to try and schedule around, considering any marginal crap chase day will kill the picnic's attendance. I'd suggest having it on the first available date (non-chase event) and whatever else is scheduled for that day will just have to take its toll on the attendance. Otherwise you risk giving up a perfect picnic day and then getting burned on later dates by chases.
There's a Wakita thing this year again? Shane, tell more!!!!

Linda Wade told me in an email she's having a celebration on May 20. She doesn't seem to be pushing this one like she did last year, for whatever reason. I'm assuming this one is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of the film. Seems kinda odd she's not promoting it at all in the chase community, perhaps she's focusing on locals this year??? I plan on going, but if Rocky's party falls on that day, I'm going to Wakita early to deliver some DVDs then head back to Rocky's. I don't miss Rocky's picnics if I'm not chasing.