So far from spring...

I'd trade you some warmer (well, 20s) weather for a few inches of snow. It amazes me how much of a weather void OUN really is, sarcasm aside. I've lived in Norman for almost ten years now, and I saw more snow per year growing up in southern Oklahoma than I've seen in Norman the entire nine years I've lived here
Here on the Cape it's a balmy 65! This is crazy. Of course, that won't last very long after this cold front shoves its way through in a few hours, but still, I'm enjoying it. :)
Lovely day for a nice outside lunch today in Aberdeen SD. It is 11 a.m. and it is -27.
Untill today its been high 70's in SC. I'll trade, I miss snow. Well, Maybe not that much snow!!
It's been very warm in Virginia, up to low 70's the last couple of days. I even saw some butterflies. Early Friday AM (Jan 14), the front came through with gusty winds, heavy rains and a tornado watch. Some possible tornadoes just to the east Richmond. Now back to reality with highs aound 40.

If it is going to be cold, I want a massive unexpected snow storm!

Bill Hark
So far from spring

Last night we had a low around -10F here in Cedarfalls Iowa! But we have warmed up now, current temp 3F, time to get the shorts out!! :lol:
Only about 1 1/2 months left until storm season 2005 starts for me!! I consider March 1st to be the beginning of the spring storm season.
We've had our teaser here in Denver... 60s and even a new record high yesterday beating the old record of 69 by a degree. Today, in the 60s again (expected high of 62), then get this, a low of 19 tonight (43 degree temp change) with a wintery mix of freezing drizzle and snow flurries, then back into the 60s on Sunday. Gotta love it! :roll:
Well, I don't mind the cold weather... I just think of the fact that Spring is just a couple monthes away, and the chase season starts (I consider it starting in April) in only two more monthes.

It's currently 9 degrees F here in Detroit, and we are expecting 4-8" inches of snow across the area.

Storms will be coming soon, come on, I know you could all see Spring in the midst! :lol:

Hit 74.7 here in Norman's been an interesting month here as its either gotten above 65 or stayed below 45 on all but two days so far this month....and we haven't had a single day yet this month with a high in the 50s.

looking at this afternoon's AFD from looks like that streak will probably stay intact for a few more days......


OKLAHOMA CITY OK 35 39 13 38
Here at Ft. Stewart, it's supposed to be 70 if we get out of the clouds today, then upper 30's tomorrow!! BRRRRRR!!!!

---Gotta love Nick Grillo's avatar: PDS PDS PDS all over the place!! :)
Here at Ft. Stewart, it's supposed to be 70 if we get out of the clouds today, then upper 30's tomorrow!! BRRRRRR!!!!

I hope none of you WI/MI/IN guys have to get up early tomorrow. Now that is BRRRR!