seeking tornado statistics website

Mar 10, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hello All. A couple of years ago I read a story in the newspaper about a website featuring an extensive statistical analysis of tornado occurrences by state and month/time of year. I found the site at the time but have since lost track of it. The findings were based on a large sample consisting of reports from many states and going back several years. The analysis listed frequency of tornadoes by state and month of year. It went so far as to predict probability of tornado development in specific counties during certain times of the year. This was interesting in itself, but what the study really did was shatter many misconceptions about where the hotspots actually are. Many overlooked areas of the east and southeast were demonstrated to have better than average potential. Anyway, I think it would be an interesting site for newbies to check out. Now... can anyone refresh my memory with the name of the study or the web address?? Thanks for your help.
I would reccomend Severe Plot. Just type 'severe plot' into google it is the first page. Just zoom in on the region/county in question. Then you can pick the period, say from 1950 to 2002. It will display all tornadoes for that region county and you can compare it to other counties.

Hope that helps,