Louisianna Web Cams - Please Add Here

As of 5:21pm Sunday I still see a couple of people on Bourbon Street per this cam. I see one guy riding by on a bike and another dude just standing around. These folks are certainly Darwin Award candidates! Well, either that or very poor, mentally ill, etc with no earlier way of transportation.
I'm not getting a picture. Maybe it's getting buffeted by the first of the rain bands. :?

edit-I'm talking about Bill's link.
tropical isle web cam

im still getting image from bills web cam..i also posted the link for the multi-cams on one page...i have all of them capturing video too...the links are slow (im on cable high speed) and they take a minute to load
Some of those NOLA.com cams (such as Beadcam) also have a link for Live Video. If you click that you get streaming live video. I've seen people and cars passing, branches swaying in the wind, and raindrops hitting the street in real time.
web cams

is anyone having any luck connecting to the cams this morning...i havent had a feed from any of them since 6:30 this morning.
Re: web cams

The feed is still good at the bridgecam at http://www.2theadvocate.com/traffic/tower2.shtml , but you can hardly see anything because of the rain blasting the cam.

I lost all the NOLA.com cams betwen 0619 and 0634.

Lost the Bourbon Street cam at tropicalisle.com around midnightish.

Lost the portno.com cams around the same time.

I never was able to get the DOT cams working.