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Call for photos, content for the Storm Chasing Event Archive

Ha! Didn't expect to find a picture of me here.** I'm the tall guy closest to the camera (in front of the fence) looking at Howard Bluestein. About 10 minutes after that picture was taken, that same storm we're all staring at destroyed my driver side mirror with baseball sized hail. I got distracted and wanted to meet Dr. Bluestein. Definite loss of situational awareness.

In fact, here I am at the fence.

Sorry for the derail. Here's another shot of the Felt tornado, to contribute.

View attachment 33ae49468dacc304102b6a174f06d2c4.jpg

Also, these aren't the greatest photos. This was right before I bought a decent camera and so they're from an iPhone 6s.

**I know. We all chase so I guess it's inevitable that we sometimes show up in each others photos. I'm new and easily amused.
I just read the rules ... sorry I guess my photo submissions are not correct. But please add July 7th 2016 Eureka Kansas to the event list.

We saw the highest rated tornado ever to hit Kansas in July and a high end EF-2 go through the town on this day with 3-4 tornadoes total so worth the add.

I will ask Taylor and Jacob (In my truck this event) to add photos or a summary if needed.
I sent some photos and radar images for 6/12/17. at [email protected], but i'm not sure if email ended up in junk folder or something else, so i will post here.


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Hello all,

I have just added pages covering the 2003 "Ten Days in May". If any of you have images you would like to contribute, please post here in this thread. As always, any writeups and photos for the Event Archive you are willing to contribute would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

James, thanks, I'll add those dates. If you have photos for any of the dates that don't have any that would be awesome, thanks!!
Here are a few to get started that I had at work. The name of the file is the event.


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