For those in hurricane prone areas

Dec 6, 2003
Brookshire, TX

I got it to pinpoint my tri county area and was amazed how many tropical storms/hurricanes have battered my area, some Cat 3 even this far inland. Just plug in your zip and narrow it down from there. My area was hit hard in the early 1900s and several bigger storms in the last 40 years. Nice fyi to those wondering if they are at risk.
That is a great link above, I could spend hours playing on it. A note though about that query system. The system doesn't take into acount the strength when it crosses your location. E.g. when I query CAT 4 hurricanes to hit Connecticut, Floyd shows up, even though it was only a TS when it hit us. In fact, no CAT 4 have ever hit Connecticut.

Another tip from my personal list.

If you have the place to store it, keep your plywood after the hurricane is over. I understand that some plywood gets ruined if it stays wet, but if you have the space and its dry...

I never understood why hardware stores always have a run on snow shovels right before a storm. Do people throw their shovels away from last year?