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Feburary Chase Oppurtunities

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Michael O'Keeffe

As the air starts to slowly heat up and spring gets closer the month of Feburary can bring some good events. The main area of action tends to be in the Southeast especially in recently hard hit Florida. But on occasion the setups can sneak back into TX,LA,AR, and even parts of OK.

I've noticed by the 2/9-2/10 timeframe we could see a severe weather event in C/E Texas. Dewpoints 60-65F are to be in place all the way to the Red River including DFW. CAPE of 2000 j/kg are present as well mainly south of Waco, but 1500 j/kg are found up to the Red River west to possibly just east of Abilene. Temps should warm as well and climb into the 60s. A shortwave should be ejecting into the S Plains too.

I think if it can stay looking good because it is a whole week away we could see a few tornadoes somewhere in Texas. Worth keeping an eye on.
February chase opportunities will depend on what kind of weather pattern we can get ourselves into. If this coming arctic outbreak can give way fairly quickly and we get back to "normal" temps in the NE portion of the country from Maine to Ohio and PA, we'll have better chase chances. Thats just my opinion. February isnt a month I look at for chase chances. I'm sure we'll have a few more severe weather events in the SE, and possibly TX, but I'm looking more at March, onward.