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EMA Ops Report / 1630CDT


1. At 2:15 pm today the tropical force winds arrived at the coast. We expect winds to continue for up to 16 hours. Hurricane force winds are expected to extend 100 miles inland along the track of the hurricane. These winds are 170 miles wide.

2. Texas is preparing for two major events - the hurricane strike and a 24-48 hour extended flood event following the hurricane.

3. Predeploying rescue elements to western Houston area to immediately enter impacted area after hurricane passes. Resources being staged near the eastern parts of Texas for the follow-on flood events.

4. Tornadoes now in LA. Expect the tornadoes (F3 - F5) to move into eastern Texas tonight and early Saturday.

5. Center of storm track appears to strike the Sabine pass area on the border of Texas and LA. Storm surge 15 - 20 feet. Will over top the sea wall in Port Arthur. 100 - 120 mph wind gusts.

6. Two mobile hospitals on standby and ready for final deployment to the Houston area to help reestablish medical services. Ten DMAT teams ready to deploy to the stricken areas.

7. WAL-MART is working with the state to provide ice and water to the stricken areas after the hurricane passes.

8. Air ops are out until the hurricane passes and it is safe to start them again.