Drought in the Southern Plains

Will this year be the year of the F5 tornado in Oklahoma again?

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What the hell is happening. Is there any hope in sight for the end of the dry conditions that have been plaguing the Southern Plains states for most of the year. How can you even factor in climatology into the equation when I was home for Christmas 2004 we had snow and very cold temperates. When I was home for Christmas this year it felt like Hawaii a couple days. I so wanted ice-cold conditions when I was home.

What needs to happen to end this and what does this seasons tornado season have in store.

Also when will the beast strike Oklahoma again.

Possibly the easiest question I'll answer all year - no.

It's easy to fall into the popular line of thinking that Oklahoma is crap for tornadoes. Of course, nothing newsworthy had happened here for a few years prior to 1999 either, so you never know. OK is one of those states that every so often something insane happens, then you remember why it has its reputation. Statistically I guess we're "due" but I stopped trying to guess long ago.

I just hope I'm there when OK does make its return.