Chase Hotline 2007

Dec 4, 2003
The Chase Hotline forecasting service is now accepting bids for 2007, which would be our eighth year of operations:

It's not yet been decided for sure whether we will adhere to competitive bids or have a more open access plan this year, or even whether service will be provided at all. If you're interested in service I urge you to bid, whether it's $4000 or 40 cents... all bids are important and will help me gauge the level of interest.

Tim's Chase Hotline is a unique forecasting service for chasers. I have used his service and have been amazed at his accuracy for targeting potential tornadic development. He has extensive air force and storm chase forecast experience. The exact level of service varies from to year to year but at least has involved AM e-mailed forecasts and updates through the day. When not on my chase vacation, I find Tim's forecasts to be very educational as I "cyberchase." The morning forecasts aren't just, "Here's the target." Instead, there is a detailed description and analysis of the forecast with an emphasis on photogenic tornadic storms. I highly recommend his service for 2007, even if only planning to chase for a few weeks. I also think the service is worthwhile for those who have XM and access to data on the road through cell phones and wi-fi.

Bill Hark