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8/4/04 NOW: High Plains


Nice southbound supercell heading out of Kimball, NE into Colorado. High reflectivities suggest it has hail.

60 degree dews being advected into the vicinity by 15 kt east-southeasterlies. LCLs at 2000 m don't bode well for tornadoes, but who knows. Now I wish I would have done a short drive.

Nice flying eagle looking echo coming out of the SEVERE warned cell near Castle Rock! Hail and flooding have been the main issue with this storm.
506 MDT Tornado Warning for northwestern Logan County,
storm continues to move off to the south at 10 mph, this was
the storm that was near Kimball NE awhile back.

dumb question - is northeast colorado a relative hot bead for large storm cells? and would you say that august would be pretty much the end of tornado season as we know it there?