6/17/05 TALK: Southern ~ Central Plains

Billy Griffin

Models and forecasts indicating some possibility of dryline action over the weekend (Friday through Sunday).

Still too far out to start a FCST thread, (don't trust the models this far out) but I thought I'd go ahead and start a "talk" on this coming weekend.

Any thoughts?
Mother Nature has been trying to hand me one more great tornado event on video, and I keep dropping them. I'm all for another chance.

Maybe upslope...but did you see that cap? Over 30 C in TX panhandle at 850 mb at 12 utc on the 17th. I can't stand chasing on the west side of a ridge with anticlonic vorticity advection leading to large scale subsidence and compressional warming.
Id be up for chasing as long as I can find a chasing partner and if things look decent
I just hope its not too late on the calender and we start losing the main ingrediants needed for tornadic events, i.e. shear