Dec 13, 2003
Wellston, Oklahoma
Post all road issues (major construction w/lanes or roads closed, bridge closings, etc.) here. If you make a post, and later the road conditions change, please either delete or ammend your posts.
This is from an earlier post by Nick Parker:

Evening all...just thought i'd pass this along to all you thinking about coming my way on Friday. The two-lane bridge from MO. to ILL (U.S. 51 I believe) is CLOSED due to construction. The I-57 bridge is still OPEN however.
Found the US-77 south of the US-56 in KS (near Marion) closed off to tonight.
Looks like they are doing road works on it.
i thought they fixed that 2 years ago. Thats KDOT for ya.
Thanks Chris!

Hopefully should have that bridge done within the next month or two. But knowing IDOT and E.T. Simmonds...it'll be longer than that! :roll:

Also learned of a off-ramp closure. (for another week and a half) It is Exit 24 on I-57 Northbound. Doubt it will bother anyone in here though.

Good luck and safe travels to all!

If chasing in the Lubbock, TX area, completely avoid anything to do with the West Loop 289 area from about Slide Rd. all the way around the west and north to I27. They are doing a major freeway construction project not expected to be completed until 2020! :shock:

Also the Brownfield Hwy area from the spur cutoff all the way into Lubbock past the Tech Campus.

The North Loop 289/I27 interchange is a mess.

And I noticed a million cones and construction signs going up the other day down 62/82 between Brownfield and Lubbock like they were about to tear up the hwy down to one lane, so watch out there too.

If you are chasing around the west side of Lubbock, the best North/South route is probably FM 179. It's a few miles outside the city, but pretty easy to get north and south. Coming south on I27 you can take the Shallowater exit and then hit 179 there. It crosses 62/82 (Brownfield Hwy) and goes all the way south into the Permian Basin. You can go back east again on FM1585 and that would navigate you all the way around. I27 is open all the way through the city, but the interchange to get on the North Loop is a mess and parts shut down unpredictably.
Interstate 35 near BETO Junction (US-75) is down to 1 lane in each direction.
Interstate 70 between Salina and Abilene is down to 1 lane in each direction.
Interstate 70 between Russell and Hays is down to 1 lane in each direction.

Kansas City Area:
The Paseo Bridge (takes Interstate 29/35 over the Missouri River) is closed from Tuesday, May 17, until December. Alternate route is Interstate 435.
Interstate 70 between Interstate 470 and Missouri Highway 7 is down to 2 lanes in each direction for major reconstruction. Major delays!
US 18 east of Mission, SD unpaved (5/16/05)

US 18 roadwork is unpaved and treacherous when wet about 15 miles east of Mission, SD. Only a five minute delay when dry; a likely tow job in a heavy rain.
Don't go down too far south past the paseo bridge. It turns into "The Paseo" rd and Prospect Ave is nearby. Accidentally drove down there once, friends car got a bullet hole in it, as we ducked, a turtle head nearly popped out of the pants. Dangerous territory right off I 70 on missouri side. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Two Exits to NOT GO DOWN. Even daylight.
Any chasers from Illinois, or anyone plains chasers who get lost, and somehow end up in Illinois, avoid I-74 between Bloomington and Peoria. The interstate is down to one lane, and moves VERY SLOWLY. Take highway 150 instead, which will allow you to run right along side the stopped interstate at a nice 60 mph.
Hwy 99 4-5 miles North of Emporia Kansas has a brdge out there, you can take road 210 right before the bridge to the east for about 3-4 miles,then turn north on burlinggame rd and it turns back into hwy 99.
Hwy 71 between Last Chance and Brush, CO, has significant delays due to resurfacing. Two areas 5-15 mi north of Last Chance go to one lane and many areas are gravel. Avoid!
Not a Huge deal here but since some could be in the area this weekend thought I would throw it out here. Traffic speed is reduced to 45 (Fines Doubled <---and they're not joking :cry:) from hwy 275 about 5 miles S of Fremont NE to the Hwy 275 and Hwy 77 junction. There really are no alternatives to avoid this area so expect to plan for a few extra minutes to pass through.
Des Moines, IA Area June 4-5

Just heads up for anybody traveling around Des Moines this weekend.

I-235 will be shut down for about a 6 mile stretch. I35/80 will of course be open and flowing as usual to go around the north side of the city and the Highway 65/5 bypass is there to take you around the south side of the city.
K99 South of Emporia is closed due to the cottonwood River being out of its banks and will probably be a couple days provided we get no more rain (storms tonight likely). Also U.S. 177 between Strong City and Cottonwood Falls is closed for Cottonwood River flooding as well.

All East Central and Northeast Kansas rural roads are crap right now from flash flooding and scours so exercise extreme care even on well-known roads.

Looks like we're going to get more rain tonight and tomorrow so don't bet on any relief soon.

Jon Holder
In South Dakota-

I-29 4 mi S of Sioux Falls, Tea Exit, one lane for 2 miles due to bridge reconstruction, speed limits are down to 40 mph, and project completion in early 2007.
In Oklahoma, I35 between norman and OKC traffic has been slowed due to some rebuilding of on/off ramps.

Also I-44 halfway between OKC and Tulsa has delays as traffic on both sides moves from 2 lanes to 1 lane for about a mile due to some bridge repairs. Delays have varied due to the time of day, anywhere from 2 - 45 mins.
US 77 at Arkansas City, KS. Bridge repair is going on at the south side of Ark City. Single lane traffic and reduced speeds. If you're on a storm, I would try to find an alternate route, though they are few and far between.

I-35 to US 160 or US-177 to Wellington are viable options. Further East, the options are far more limted and require some knowledge of the backroads. The paved option would be OK-18 through Shidler, though several backroad options exist.

US 77 north of Ponca City to Newkirk is being re-paved. Single lane traffic during the day is common.