2005 Chase Log Complete

Steve Miller TX

What a helluva chasecation for me this year. Awesome. Incredible. :lol: I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to see the most amazing storms I've ever seen in person...especially the June 12th psycho tornadic supercell in Kent County, TX. Complete chaselog here: http://www.texastailchaser.com/2005blog or if you just want to cut to the chase: http://www.texastailchaser.com/2005blog/20...50612/index.htm

I can't wait for next year and hoping to get another chase or two in before the summer ridge parks over TX until October.
Very awesome pictures you got! Congrats on your catches this year!
Nice work bro. It's great to see you do so well, and in your own great state of Texas (I know that's where you like your tornadoes best).
Texas back in T-Alley

Thanks, ya'll. June saved 2005 after a bizarre May. I'll definitely be setting my chasecations in the first half of June from now on. It seems every May has some extended down time...at least for me anyways. :)

Even more bizarre to me was that OK sat on the sidelines this year. I guess the N TX Curse is spreading. ;-) I really love chasing in W TX and the PH and I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to do alot of that this year. I guess Texas can be readmitted back to the "Tornado Alley Fraternity" again.

I can't wait for next year and hope we get a little fall action. Is it May 2006 yet? lol!