200 mph wind gusts:Grandfather Mountain won't be 'official'

When did this happen? That's nuts. Is the NWS at least going to go investigate? Unless you have some sort of channeling wind speeds are almost always less than what really occured.

Very interesting though, even if it was 75% of that. Mount Washington hasn't been above 200 in decades. Aside from their 231 I'm not sure if they have been above 200.
It seems like IF the winds were somehow funneled they might be increased, but by how much?
Maybe the location of the wind device should be looked at and THEN decide if funelling was an issue, would be a shame to completely throw out the reading....but hey thats a big number!
I think obsticales reduce wind speed (JHMO) MOST of the time, and if thats true in THIS case MAYBE they were in EXCESS of 200mph NOT less, ehhhh
woooooow :shock:
an amazing story -
well would we consider this straight line / diretcho
or just extreme high winds? or are they all the same?

guess they better upgrade to a wind meter that goes to 250mph (unreal)
As the title of this thread states, NOT OFFICIAL. This is a dead issue, they did not record 200mph winds.

The people on Grandfather Mountain know they have a unique spot that sees some amazing winds, but they have chosen not to certify their equipment. They have done nothing. I might as well say I recorded a 200mph wind. This is as dead as Typhoon Paka in Guam.

As for the previous record, there's no basis. It came from the same equipment.

What's frustrating is the fact that it was windy there. Probabbly not 200mph, but we'll never know.