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08/25/05: NOW: Central Plains

Widespread CU and even a few thunderstorms are now popping up south/southwest of the outflow boundary over southern/central KS. With the strong moisture pooling, extreme instability (4000-5000J/KG), and SRH >200 (and locally higher) any storm that interacts with the OFB could easily gain supercell structure and produce tornadoes and giant hail.

DDC --> http://www.crh.noaa.gov/radar/images/DS.p1...kddc/latest.gif
Storm near Medicine Lodge briefly reached 50dbz before falling apart. Visual ob from ICT currently observing mainly fair-weather cu to the SW with a little convective debris from the convection that tried to form. As Nick mentioned.. plenty of instability in place for severe storms... storms over SW KS have the best chance IMO of remaining and increasing in coverage with just a slight chance of new development in SC KS especially after passing of peak heating and decreasing CU field on visible.
In Huron, SD right now...nothing really visible. An interesting cell WSW of here and of course the one tornado warned cell to the south. I don't think I could get there in time. Wish my cell phone had service here :p

I did manage to stop and get some pictures of Manchester, SD. Will post those later.
CONGRATS on the chasers bagging the SP's isolated or scattered about NE looks like a bunch of junk for storms, so doubt will see anything even the 70% chance of rain.... darn forecaster's
Another storm in Cherry county has got its' act together for the time being. Showed the TVS signature every once in a while, but it has mainly been an elevated TVS (ETVS). Another cell that is just to the east of it does look like they will form into each other. Either way it looks like some very large hail possible, an outside tornado risk. We'll see how the storms do when they converge.