Tornadoes of 2024

May 18, 2010
Yukon, OK
I thought it might be fun to have a thread dedicated specifically to the tornadoes we've captured in 2024. This isn't meant to replace a TA reports thread, just a one stop place to share still images (photo or screen cap) of tornadoes that occurred this year, with date and location and nothing more. I don't believe image quality should be a consideration here.

I'll kick it off with a screen capture from my live stream of the Alta Vista tornado on 3/13.

03-14 Tornado.JPG
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April 30, 2024 - Cooperton, Oklahoma. I got taken by surprise with a ground circulation immediately upwind of me despite not being near the hook and spent most of the tornado's lifetime running away from it. My chase partner got this one shot as it was dissipating. Though the shot isn't very clear, I could see a massive curtain of dust in my rearview mirror being lifted as I drove away.


Here are the 3 tornadoes from 1 May 2024 that I was able to visually confirm in the eastern TX Pandhandle. I was positioned along TX-86 between Estelline and Turkey, viewing these cells from about 10-12 miles away, according to my attempts on Google Earth to measure it. The first 2 are from a cell that was located a few miles north of Turkey, almost due east of me. The last one was from a cell just west of Turkey that was SW of me. All images are hazy due to distance and the fact I was peaking at them from under the southeastern edges of their respective precip shields.