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Rendezvous in Tornado Alley - Season 3


The french webseries is back again for its third season!
As I've been busy directing a tornado documentary for national television last year, I'm a bit late to release the episodes of our 2015 journey. But here we are, finally launching the season with our first episode called "Waterworld". Those who chased in Texas last May might have a clue of what this is about...

If you don't know us yet, you can watch the two previous seasons for free on Youtube, with english subtitles (click the corresponding icon in the player)!

SEASON 1 > https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB5C404A389C0B35A
SEASON 2 > https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLynFKzg_bSyY7V-SiQ79Df2HC_NENxWYu

Here's the trailer for this new season :


Directed by Christophe Asselin, with footage from Christophe Asselin, Vincent Deligny, Tony Le Bastard, Julien Batard.

Feel free to comment and share the episodes! Hope to see you guys on the road soon.
Seeing this thread bumped gets me all excited that the next episode is out. But then I'm let down because it's just someone else wanting the next episode to be out. AND NOW I MYSELF HAVE BECOME THE MONSTER!!
How can I have missed this so far.... half way through season 2 now. Watching Season 1 was especially great as I was out there myself during that period.

No doubt I will have watched all episodes before my flight to OKC on Thursday ;)

Great videos!
Now we can start complaining about episode 3 needing to come out! Although I did see on facebook that a couple of the guys are coming to the US next week for a couple weeks of chasing, so we may not see the next episode for a while..