Pics and Video from mid-Jan '07 Central US Ice Storm

Joey Ketcham

Freezing rain is still coming down steady, has been non-stop all afternoon. Here's some pictures I took yesterday.. it's worse then this now.



Ice Storm

The NWS Tulsa had reports of baseball size ice accumulations from near the Whitefield area of Haskell county in Eastern Oklahoma. Well, as part of my job I went to investigate. Fortunately, the report wasnt correct but it was still impressive with ice accumulations of about 1 1/4 inches. I now have more images on my website:



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Here are a few from the Tulsa,Oklahoma area. I didn't get to take as much today as I had wished. Work kept getting in the way. I really need to get out of the dry ice work, it just doesn't go well with storms

This was Friday night in E. Tulsa

Inola, Okla. today



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Excellent video of damage in McIntosh & Haskell Co storm chasers Reed Timmer and Dean Schoeneck ventured to eastern Oklahoma yesterdat to photograph the aftermath of the incredible January 12-14 ice storm that dropped 2-3 inches of freezing rain in McIntosh and Haskell Counties, including the town of Eufala. Downed trees, powerlines, and an insane coating of ice were photographed, including several flipped-over vehicles.

Check out the video clip and still photographs at this link:
Love the stop sign shot. I have never seen a scene such as these photos before in person. Crazy stuff and Great photos!
yeah it was crazy out there. From about Stigler to Eufaula it was just unbelievable. Just east of Eufaula I was shooting video and you could hear the rumbles, snaps, and explosions of trees all around. I actually stayed in the same area for a while trying to get video of a tree or limb coming down but unfortunately didnt get that lucky. I was in Eufuala when the last area of precip began moving in... it was just unbelieveable to have it literally pouring down with the temp at 25 degrees and the area already covered in at least 1 inch of ice! Also, there was so much strain on the powerlines they were like jiggling... its been shown nationally but if you havent see it here it is: then beside the forecast discussion it has the video of it. Ill put video on my site but it was shot with station camera so i dont have. Also, you can see some video from saturday I shot of some guy deciding to go around police barricades and try to get through some high water... He didnt make it....that video is under the link for the powerline video
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Ice storm in Missouri

The icing was also very severe in much of southwest and central Missouri into the western and northern parts of the St. Louis area. Driving up I-44 yesterday, I observed heavy ice accumulations from between Joplin and Springfield through Lebanon and up into the Rolla area. Well over an inch of ice in some areas, as shown in this picture:


More pictures and discussion at: