No sign of winter!

Feb 3, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
January 15th in Omaha, NE; normal high 31, normal low 11, the last time we saw a snowflake was on December 16th and the last time we had a low or high below normal was on December 21st. Today, windows are open and shorts are on. The record for today was 57, at 4 PM the official observation downtown 63, but on the west side of town temperatures have been around 68 with west winds at 5 mph. Feels a lot more like March. The snowstorm that the models had been forecasting for tomorrow is all but gone, and the 16 day GFS shows little in the way of any winter weather. Where has winter gone? I hope February is a lot like the past 30 days.
This winter seems to sneak back with these little surprise attacks here in WV just to remind me what month it is. Woke up yesterday morning to 2 inches on the ground - what is that??? Where did that come from?? Oh yeah, it's January.

I've actually seen more thunderstorms this winter than good snow events!
Winter is gone... 15 day outlook to Jan 29 shows above normal temperatures eastern 2/3rds of the country... Last week I hit 54 degrees. No snow left here. Grass is all green again, and no frost in the ground. I have a gut feeling winter will *NOT* return.
18Z GFS has 6-10" of snow over Michigan though with surface winds 25G35 on Saturday though - should Nick start a blizzard thread?
I hear ya there, we got up to 56 or so today in Ames. We don't have any snow and the grass is as green as it should be in April or May!!!

Although I don't believe winter is over, still plenty of time for things to change. Actually, we may even have a winter storm affecting some area of the plains by early next week! Of course, that is if it doesn't disapear like this latest one did.
Looks like Monday and Monday night we might just get our first measurable snowfall (albiet less than 1") this season, but FINALLY a decent shot at some precipitation here in the South Plains!

I believe we are now tied with the second longest period without measurable precipitation for LBB since they started keeping records in 1911! Currently 79 days without measurable precip. The last record with that amount was in 1972. The #1 slot was 1921-22 with 85 days. Looks like we won't make the #1 slot unless this event Monday fails to produce.

It's so freakin' dry around here, every day the wind blows above 20mph you shock the crap out of yourself when you touch anything from all the static electricity being generated. I almost electrocuted my dog the other day trying to pet it!
Between the last two storms systems missing us, and now the loss of the Bears, I'm ready for spring.

I don't know about all of you, but I think I'm going to take advantage of all of this nice weather, and get out and start jogging earlier than usual. Usually this time of year it's too cold to even think about jogging outdoors. Let alone all the snow that's usally around.
Originally posted by rdale
I know - I was trying for better luck elsewhere ;>

Good call :lol:

I'm still keeping an eye on the current system in the 36-48HR timeframe... NAM has been all over the map - the 18Z run was much further southeast, then 00Z run is further northwest, etc..

The next system at +FH84 appears strong on the GFS and DGEX (it's been shown for the past several model runs)... The ECMWF, UKMET, and GEM both show a system, but weaker.
No sign of winter huh? Clearly you are not speaking about the Northeastern U.S. Right now in Albany, NY it is +4 degrees with a wind chill of 0 to -10. Brutally cold and we had about 4" of snow overnight.

If you're looking for winter, come here, you will find it. Trust me.
Oh crap. My igloo is melting. LMAO

Sorry, I had to say that. Anyways I agree that this winter has been very odd, and I am forced to wonder about this comming summer.