New aurora activity

Can't the aurora wait until after this snow system has moved out of here? Looks like we will still be socked in with clouds tomorrow. Ai ya!
Yeah, field indices are hopping all over the place - a major storm indeed. Might still be going strong by the time sunset gets here - but clouds will be a problem for many of us. Maybe Mike will be able to capture some more eye candy for us.

Latest auroral display

Yes, this latest geomagnetic storm should continue 12 hours or so. Auroras should be visible in northern Europe and northern US (where weather permits) - bill
Not again. I'm tired of these silly things. They are worse then finding tornadoes. Hmmmm, to head west or not to the small window of clearing...
It looks like the peak of the storm occurred during the day. And it's cloudy. Oh well.

I'd have to tie my tripod down anyway...

OMAHA EPPLEY: CLOUDY, 34/28, NW26G49, 29.92R