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Made an eXtreme wind chase with gusts over 110MPH yesterday

Hey all,

an extreme Bora, an extreme day with lots of adrenaline in Croatia coast yesterday I was chasing the well known wind 'Bora' from Rijeka to Senj.

A bridge to island Krk


Looking towards Senj shows fog over the water because of intense wind gusts, from my experiences it was over 150km/h!


There were great cloud forms over the sea:




When I arrived to this mini gulf, the view was fantastic! The Bora is smashing into the gulf with gusts around 180km/h!


I was unable to stay here, I was crawling near the wall, insane! I measure gusts at 155km/h, but I was not in the main channel in the middle of the road where max gusts were heading, so probably gusts were over 180km/h! it sounded like in the thunderstorm with these smashing gusts into the channel where the road is going through.


Later I went further to the village Senj, where the water was lapping onto the piers with 100-120km/h:


Here is my friend measuring wind while sea is watering him:


A bit left of this location there was a pier in the shelter of wind, but the sea waves were smashing into it with incredible power:




An incredible day was over in the late afternoon when 'Bora' wind decreased its speed below 100km/h, but in that place where I measured 155km/h before, it was still around 140km/h in gusts, marvelous place! 8)

More photos is in my gallery: http://www.weather-photos.net/gallery/thum...ls.php?album=79

Best regards,
That is absolutely spectacular! wow! I visited Makarska two summers ago and Croatia is a truly breathtaking place; the only thing that could have made it better would have been 180km/hr winds! Nice pics.